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What is Melamine Paper?

melamine paper, mostly Overlay Paper, plain paper and Decorative Paper. It has a wood grain pattern on its surface and is widely used on the surface of man-made and MDF boards. It does not require adhesives to attach them to the surface of the board. Usually, it is pressed onto the surface of the board by a heat press.

Melamine Paper

Melamine Paper

Advantages of melamine paper.

1. Beautiful appearance effect of the material and improved use value.

2. Improve physical properties and expand the range of use.

3. Increase the value of man-made boards.

4. Simplify the production process of man-made boards (avoid painting, brushing and other processes).

Requirements of Melamine Paper for production.

In the production process of melamine impregnated paper manufacturers, pressure, curing temperature and curing time are three important process conditions. The hot pressing temperature mainly catalyzes the curing reaction of the impregnating resin and is a favorable condition for accelerated curing. Proper pressure ensures a good bonding of board and paper and a uniform flow of resin in melamine impregnated paper, thus forming a closed, non-porous surface and compensating for unevenness and thickness tolerances on the substrate surface. In addition, the curing time of melamine impregnated paper depends mainly on the curing speed of the impregnating resin, the hot pressing temperature and the number of layers of impregnated paper in the slab. The molding of melamine impregnated paper requires the above process conditions and its quality can only be guaranteed if the production conditions are good.

Melamine Paper

Melamine Paper

How to judge its authenticity when buying?

1. The detection method of pre-curing degree. Cut out two groups of small pieces of impregnated paper on the left, middle and right side of the width direction of the impregnated paper and test them separately.

2. Volatile content detection method. The three small pieces of impregnated paper with the measured glue were placed in the specified environment for 5 minutes, removed and placed in a desiccator for another 5 minutes to cool. After cooling, remove and weigh immediately. Then calculate the volatile substance according to the formula.

3. Gum water quantity test method. It is necessary to cut three small pieces of impregnated paper from left, middle and right in the direction of width of impregnated paper, number them and weigh them on the electronic scale, then calculate the gum volume according to the formula and calculate the average gum volume.

4. For a good Chinese melamine impregnated paper, pay attention to whether the texture of the paper is clear. The clear texture indicates the authenticity of the decorative paper, which is consistent with the use of real material. Also pay attention to whether the color is the same as the model, some models will have color difference, but the color difference should not be too big. If the color difference is small, there is basically no difference between the two, you can connect the same paper and the same paper, color matching in the same light, the colors should not overlap to ensure the coordination of color matching.

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