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The difference between melamine and laminate

Melamine and laminate are highly resistant to moisture and can be easily cleaned by applying them in layers with a damp cloth. Both products are widely used by carpenters to manufacture products for use in kitchens and other areas. However, despite the similarities, there are significant differences between melamine and laminate as discussed in this article.

Melamine Board

Melamine board, or melamine board for short, is known as melamine laminated impregnated paper veneer man-made board. Melamine resin paper with different colors or textures is dipped into melamine resin adhesive and dried to a certain degree of curing, which is laid on the surface of particle board, moisture-proof board, MDF, plywood, joinery, multilayer board or other rigid fiberboard and made into decorative board by hot pressing. In the production process, it usually consists of several layers of paper, and the amount depends on the usage.

According to the internal fiber form can be divided into two types of melamine particle board and melamine density board. Melamine particle board substrate is processed into granules and wood chips by, reorientation, hot pressing, glue drying and molding; melamine density board is made of wood, reorientation, hot pressing, glue drying and molding. The difference between the two is: the strength of the particle board, density board is relatively weak, nailing ability is stronger than the particle board.

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Laminate is a melamine laminate product. To make this laminate, a very high pressure of 1400psi is used on 6-8 layers of kraft paper. The papers are glued together and finally the melamine plastic is pressed on top. This product is not adhered to the board and must be pressed onto the board by the carpenter to complete a piece of furniture or countertop. It is available in a variety of shades and even textures. This product is scratch resistant, heat resistant and moisture resistant. High-pressure laminate products are made from two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibers or fabrics that are integrally combined and heat-pressed. The laminated products can be processed into various insulation and structural parts, and the high pressure laminate manufacturers are widely used in motors, transformers, melamine furniture. Melamine resin appliances, electrical instruments and electronic equipment of high and low voltage sheet. High-pressure laminate products can be plates, tubes, rods or other shapes of a single melamine paper. Laminated cardboard can withstand processing such as sawing, drilling, turning, milling, planing, etc. Melamine board laminated veneer should not have cracks and slag after preparation and treatment, thickness below 3mm can be punched and processed, cold stamping type without low pressure lamination heating, general models need to be preheated after stamping. It is used for insulation parts of high and low voltage motors and electronic industry respectively.

What is the difference between melamine and laminate?

◮ Laminates are more durable than melamine, more heat and chemical resistant.

Melamine is cheaper than laminate because it is manufactured in a less expensive way.

◮ Laminate is available in a variety of colors and textures, but melamine does not come in different shades.

◮ Melamine can be produced at only 300-500 psi, while manufacturing laminates requires 1400 psi.

◮ Melamine does not need to be glued to wood panels, whereas a carpenter needs to glue laminate to wood panels to make a finished product for office or kitchen use.


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