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What are the main types of impregnated paper used for melamine veneer?

Melamine impregnated paper is divided into three categories: plain paper and printing paper and wear-resistant paper. The products can be divided into two categories according to the use of face paper and paper base. Plain paper has the original paper and printing paper to distinguish, the original paper is the best, the tone is pure, not easy to change color, printing paper tone is not uniform.

Wood grain paper, which is printed on the basis of the original paper, has a different number of printing rolls according to the actual requirements of the wood grain.

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Factors affecting the quality of melamine impregnated paper.

1. The content of melamine determines the abrasion resistance of melamine surface. Moisture and mildew resistant quality.

The best impregnated paper with 100% melamine content, followed by 70%, currently most of the impregnated paper with 70% is used. Pure melamine impregnated paper has a shelf life of over 1 year.

The worst mobility sugar glue, such as melamine glue, if exposed to air for 5 minutes, immediately appear bonded state, so many people say to put in an air-conditioned room to prevent premature bonding and solidification . Sugar, easily soluble in water, so there is no moisture, not long, because of the wipe, the surface of the protective layer is easy to wipe off melted. Also accordingly, manufacturers of sugar glue paper to change this problem, adding more weight of curing agent, so there will be a week or 15 days will expire, early curing quality problems. A simple test: put a wet towel on the laminate and look at the changes on the surface the next day to see if it blisters and bulges. Whether the surface gloss is damaged after wiping.

There is a kind of impregnated paper, using urea-formaldehyde glue, the proportion of melamine is 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%. Although better than sugar glue, but the shelf life can only reach 3 months, less. A simple way to identify is: when the fire burning board surface, the smell of urea.

2. Printing ink

Printing ink, melamine wood grain paper used as water-based ink. There are domestic ink and imported ink. The main difference is the duration of weather resistance. Identify the quality of printing, you can use a magnifying glass to observe the number of "white", too much white will affect the purity of the color. If the color is burnt, the ink quality is not good.

3. Paper weight (thickness)

melamine paper according to the color needs, printing needs, impregnation out rate needs and multi-purpose needs

Classification: 70g, 80g, 85g, 90g, 110g, 120g, 135g, etc.

Generally pressed titanium white linen domestic 80g can be, but not pressed frosted surface, will produce bottoming phenomenon. Warm white, beige frosted surface not more than 110 will also produce penetration. And the production of linen surface of 85 grams, 90 grams can be.

4、Curing agent

Simple melamine board also involves the problem of stain resistance, in addition to the difference in the immersion glue, there is an important factor is the quality of the curing agent. There is a difference between imported products and domestic products.

Types of melamine impregnated paper

1、Original decorative paper

It is also called "melamine impregnated paper, titanium white paper", with excellent covering power and weather resistance (color fastness).

2、Abrasion-resistant paper

Wear-resistant paper is a kind of impregnated aluminum trioxide melamine veneer paper. Wear-resistant paper makes the laminate flooring surface bright and wear-resistant. With high transparency, wear-resistant, defect-free, fire-resistant, easy maintenance and other characteristics.

There are several kinds of abrasion-resistant paper such as 18g, 22g, 45g, etc. The abrasion coefficient is different according to the production process. At present, wear-resistant paper is more frequently used in laminate wood flooring. A good abrasion resistant paper can withstand a test of 6000 RPM. Furniture boards are not used in large quantities at present.

3. Melamine impregnated coated paper

Characteristics: It can be used for particle board, MDF, or rigid fiberboard and other substrate veneer. And it has the advantages of natural decorative effect and resistance to damage, acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, etc. Protection: 55%~65% relative humidity, temperature, 10~30℃ and sealed storage conditions.

4. And paint paper, pu paper, etc.

According to different process and use requirements, we can also produce pre-preg paper and post-preg paper. At present, some enterprises began to produce soft melamine impregnated paper, which can be bent without shredding paper.

Therefore, the quality of the board has a lot to do with the quality of the artificial board itself and also the surface of melamine impregnated paper. As a consumer, you cannot be greedy for cheap as the basis for purchasing. It is recommended to learn more and consult more knowledge about it. Good quality is the reliable product.


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